What if…

You lose your place ... your listeners know more than you do ... you stumble because you’re scared to death and ... your job may be on the line?


Business professionals are frequently faced with the daunting challenge of making a presentation or giving a speech. In some cases your career may hang on your ability to express your ideas coherently, confidently, and with style. Whether you’re a CEO, company president, engineer, project manager, pastor, sales manager, or politician—or simply aspire to be successful—The Presenter’s Guide to Being Prepared takes the guesswork out of communicating brilliantly to the world.

Dave Richardson’s first business presentation was a disaster. From that point on in an otherwise outstanding executive career he has made it his life’s mission to master presentation and speaking skills, and to share what he’s learned with his high-level clients—and now with you.

You’ll learn how to:

·                    Prepare to be at your best with great planning and organization

·                    Respond to every “What if…” situation with solutions that work 

·                    Recognize common presentation challenges and avoid them

·                    Conquer your nervousness and get people to listen

·                    Practice and internalize the skills that will help your presentations shine

Use the book as a quick and handy reference anytime it’s your turn to speak!

“If your income is dependent on how well you present to others, this book will help you earn more than ever before!”

Tom Hopkins, Sales Trainer & author of How to Master the Art of Selling

“Dave Richardson’s book will help you say what you want to say so that your audience walks away invigorated and changed.  This book bubbles with enough effervescent ideas to make you a superb presenter.”

Barry Asmus, Senior Economist, National Center for Policy Analysis

and author of “The Best is Yet to Come”

What if I get nervous?

What if I lose my place?

What if my PowerPoint© fails?

What if my career rests on this presentation?

Do you want to . . .

¨     prevent nervousness from choking your presentation?

¨     deliver presentations with greater confidence, conviction & passion?

¨     have a nearly effortless system to organize your presentations?

¨     handle Q&A in a professional, comfortable manner?

¨     maintain your momentum throughout your presentation?

¨     begin with a creative, attention-getting opener every single time?

¨     deal effectively with listeners who have a hidden agenda?

¨     be more prepared for delivering an impromptu speech?

¨     have a readiness plan based on some of the greatest disasters any presenter has ever faced?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, call me today before your competition does!  It’s time to improve and enhance your presentation skills in ways you’ve never even thought or heard of!

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you need this book!

“Dave Richardson has hit the mark.  This book is an easy to use reference guide anyone can use to improve their presentations.”

Tom Kuzma, President, Nautilus Insurance Group

“Dave Richardson is without question the best executive speech coach I have ever met. He is very easy to work with (and this book proves it).”

Robert O’Connell, Sr., Vice-President, Danzas AEI Intercontinental

“Anyone who wants to improve their presentation and leadership skills should read this book.”

Jim Stauner, Division President, Cardinal Health

David W. Richardson, CSP and author, is a former sales and marketing vice president with divisions of two Fortune 500 companies. Currently he is president of his own highly successful speaking, speech coaching, and training company. With more than 20 years of real-world experience, Dave helps business professionals prepare, design, and confidently deliver career-advancing speeches and presentations.

He is one of the most sought out speech coaches in America and helps executives, managers, technical professionals, politicians, and pastors achieve all of their presentation skills goals.

“Speaking before a group of people – the #1 fear we continually strive to conquer.  The Presenter’s Guide is guaranteed to help anyone become a more confident presenter.”

Tony Vottima, Vice-President/General Manager, Avnet Hall-Mark

"We were the hit of the trade show and were booked the entire day.   People were actually mad when they couldn't sit in on a presentation . . . we started to get so comfortable that it just became fun.  I never thought that I would be able to do anything like that and it was an unbelievable experience.  I can't thank you enough for how much you helped and made me feel confident. "

Rich Flanagan - SalesLogix


“The Presenter’s Guide to Being Prepared”

52 Real-Life Situations and Solutions to Help You

Win Over Any Audience Anywhere!



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