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Strategy for Winning a High profile project

David W. Richardson, CSP, will work with your firm’s construction and design teams to develop a powerful proposal that will help you make the project short list and a presentation that will enhance your chance of winning the project. 

The Program: 

1.     Dave can work with your team to prepare a proposal (statement of qualifications) that will grab the attention of the committee members.  You will find his professional assistance extremely valuable in preparing a document which showcases your experience and capabilities from the viewpoint of the committee:  "What's in it for them." 

2.     Dave can perform as a member of your Red Team to ensure that the proposal is written in a way that will capture the imagination and attention of the committee. 

3.     Dave can work closely with your team to develop a strategy for approaching the interview portion of the presentation.  By examining the strengths of each competitor, we will analyze their potential impact on the committee.  This will help us design a presentation which maximizes your comparative strengths so the committee will be impressed with your company.  Note:  At no time will we mention any competitor by name but, rather, we will discuss your strengths as a function of the project objectives. 

4.     Dave can help your team design a presentation that incorporates PowerPoint™ slides, presentation boards, models, renderings, etc.  Recognizing that the committee, in most instances, demands to hear from those who will be directly involved with the project (Project Manager, Superintendent, Design Architect, etc.), the presentation will be constructed accordingly. 

5.     Dave will work diligently with each member of your team to prepare and rehearse the delivery of his or her portion of the presentation.  This will not be a presentation which simply highlights the accomplishments of your firm.  It will be designed to emphasize the strengths and benefits each individual brings to the project. 

Key Elements of the Preparation: 

1.     Participants will practice individually and, through the use of videotape, will review their progress.  Each individual presentation will be carefully crafted to meet the needs of the committee members. 

2.     Following individual rehearsals, the entire team will practice the verbal portion of their presentations, stopping after each person for individual critique. 

3.     The entire team will then rehearse with their visual aids.  Again a brief critique will be delivered upon the completion of each individual’s presentation. 

4.     A complete run-through by the entire team will guarantee smooth transitions and ensure that you are well within the time limit allocated by the committee. 

5.     Rehearsing the Q&A portion will enable team members to develop a strategy by which questions will be answered and by whom. 

6.     Practice will continue as deemed necessary by key team members and the instructor. 

Additional Key Elements to Consider: 

        There is a significant difference between presenting first, last, or in the middle.  We will examine these differences and integrate their strengths into the presentation. 

        Visual aids will be designed to help the committee better understand the concepts being presented, not as a crutch for the presenter. 

        Presenters will learn several creative techniques for controlling nervousness before and during their presentation. 

        Dave will discuss 9 ways to turn the committee off, potentially influencing them to discount, disregard, or dismiss your interview. 

        We will strongly consider major errors made by presentation teams in the past which have disqualified them from selection.

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