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"Not only are my presentations more interesting, I think my audience retains the intended message longer than 
they did in the past."
Eric Kantor, Counsel, U.S. Government Procurement
GE Aircraft Engines

Who Benefits From Speech Coaching?

Professionals in Every Field!

Working with senior managers and executives from high-profile corporations throughout the world, David W. Richardson, CSP, has helped facilitate significant improvement in their executive business presentation skills with his one-on-one intensive speech development sessions. Any individual who has a product to sell, an important point to make, or a persuasive argument to present will appreciate the top performance skills they will acquire from Dave's personal speech coaching.

Business professionals who either feel uncomfortable with their presentation skills ability or those who need assistance in developing and executing a powerful presentation, turn to Dave for his targeted critique and practical advice.

Of the executives and managers with whom he has worked, 82% have been promoted in their company at least once since the conclusion of their consulting session.

Dave's work with senior managers and executives is typically in, but not limited to, the following areas:

  • STOCKHOLDERS, BOARDS OF DIRECTORS, ETC. Executives, with Dave's consultation, design, produce and deliver sharp, to-the-point presentations.
  • NATIONAL SALES MEETINGS, EMPLOYEE CONFERENCES. Executives delivering a "State of the Company" presentation typically become monotonous, mundane, and even boring. Focusing upon this as a presentation not just to inform, but to persuade, Dave has helped executives design and deliver more powerful and memorable presentations.
  • NEW CEO, PRESIDENT. A new CEO or president can make or break his or her career as a function of the initial presentation delivered to the new team. This presentation must be informative, persuasive and, to some degree, entertaining and motivational. Dave helps CEO's design a powerful presentation that will cement their credibility with the new team and set forth the new or continued mission of the company.
  • PRESENTATIONS TO SENIOR MANAGEMENT, THE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.  Many careers have been stymied or potentially destroyed because of the senior manager's inability to communicate his or her thoughts and ideas to the executive committee in a confident, successful manner.  Consultations with Dave have enabled many managers to grow significantly in their own personal careers.
  • SIX SIGMA, ENGINEERS, ACCOUNTANTS. Technical professionals are invested in specific projects, and their presentations have a tendency to be overwhelmingly detailed and sometimes confusing to those struggling to understand. Dave helps even the most technical presenters influence their listeners in an interesting, motivational fashion.
  • PRESENTATIONS TO CLIENTS.  Many executives are top performers when it comes to writing business proposals. Lacking effective public speaking skills, however, many of their proposals fail to win the desired business. Dave's one-on-one consultations enable these professionals to deliver a dynamic, upbeat, competitive presentation which greatly increases the probability for the prospective client to accept the proposal.
  • SPORTS CELEBRITIES.  Sport/adventure celebrities have a wealth of captivating information to share with an audience. Dave's personalized speech development training helps them develop and present motivational, influential, humorous speeches that will keep them in demand as speaking professionals.
  • POLITICIANS. Eloquent speakers have influenced the votes of millions of people just by the way they design their speeches and relate to their listeners. Constituents select leaders as a function of the  passion and commitment they are able to "feel" in the presentation.
  • PASTORS, MINISTERS, PRIESTS.  Members of the clergy have an eloquent passion for guiding Christians to the development and maintenance of a meaningful relationship with the Lord. With today's fast-changing pace of life, people feel more rushed and pressured than ever before. To reach these individuals effectively, the message from the clergy must be dynamic, persuasive, and contain examples and analogies which relate to today's challenges while leaving listeners with an enriching plan of action.


"Having worked with you in about five sessions I felt confident and excited about giving the presentation. I thought I was a pretty good speaker before I first met with you, but you elevated me to new levels I had not thought possible."

Steven G. Avey, M.S., R. Ph., General Manager
Prospective Health, Inc

"It has been about a month since we spent our productive day in Scottsdale and I wanted to share the marvelous results I have experienced already.  I have found particularly useful your coaching on 'energy' and 'passion' which in turn helps me work on the 'uhs' and keeps those hands gesturing.

I did not know what to expect from our session but certainly not results this good, this fast. I am enjoying speaking more than ever - thanks much!"

David L. Lloyd, Jr., Vice President & General Counsel
GE Aircraft Engines

"It was a pleasure to work with you on public speaking and presentation skills. The one-day course was particularly helpful in focusing in on areas that I specifically wanted to improve.  I found your ongoing feedback during the day both helpful and delivered in a sensitive manner."

Barbara J. Epke, Vice President, Quality Management
 Sinai Hospital of Baltimore

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