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What do you mean when you say that all Presentation Skills and Speech Coaching programs are for a lifetime?

Anyone who completes any of our Presentation Skills workshops or one-on-one Speech Coaching sessions is encouraged to send Dave a video or DVD of an upcoming (or past) presentation.  He conducts a positive telephone critique to help his clients, step by step, as they continue to develop their speaking skills.

How long are Dave's speeches and presentations?

Dave's presentations are designed to fit the specific available time ranging from 30 minutes to three days.  Last minute schedule changes . . . Dave will adjust his presentation to meet the needs of you and your people.

Do you have any guarantees?

All of our Presentation Skills workshops and one-on-one consultation programs are guaranteed.  Everyone gets better or you don't pay for that person . . . that is our guarantee.

What is Dave's background?

Dave is the youngest district manager, regional manager, division manager, national sales manager and vice president of marketing in the history of two Fortune 500 companies.  Dave has earned the right to talk about it . . . he has done it all.

How does Dave customize his presentations?

Dave talks to your managers on the telephone, works with salespeople in the field, and talks with your customers to learn about the challenges and opportunities in your company and your industry.  He arrives at your meeting early to mingle with your people and attends educational sessions when scheduling permits.

How can Dave provide extra value for our meeting?

Many groups engage Dave for a keynote address and also request that he conduct a breakout session or seminar. Not only do you get a fee reduction on the second presentation, but your travel expense reimbursements are greatly minimized.  Dave will also moderate panel discussions, facilitate a strategic business discussion, or MC any or all of your program.

How does Dave handle foreign language translations?

Presentations to a non-English speaking audience must be carefully designed, prepared, and executed.  Dave studies all aspects of the culture, arrives a day or two early to rehearse with translators, and punctuates his presentation with words and phrases from the native language.

How does Dave handle expenses?

Once a meeting has been booked and confirmed, Dave will contact other clients in nearby cities or countries to attempt to schedule other consultations and workshops.  All airfare will be pro-rated fairly between clients when possible.

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