Richardson Resource Group presents "Strategic Systems," a series of training manuals, workbooks and Learning Audio Tapes.

Developed by RRG from their nationally acclaimed Leadership & Management Seminar Series, the material is designed to help you master the challenges of today's fast paced, and ever changing marketplace. Strategic Systems will lead you through the step-by-step actions that will improve your business leadership, management, and sales skills. Both "Competitive Market Selling" and "Leadership and Management: The Manager's Manual" include workbooks and training plans.

RRG's commitment to excellence includes a free 60 day evaluation period for any of our learning systems.

Strategies for Selling in a Soft Economy
Learning Audio Tapes to help you understand the dynamics of a competitive Marketplace as you define goals, set strategies and increase sales.

Effective Presentations
Six Learning Audio Tapes that will help you, get the results you desire from your presentations. Build powerful, effective presentations for both small and large groups.

Leadership & Management: The Managers Manual
550 Page Reference manual which is your 'dictionary' to key management topics. Personal, Motivation, Conflict Management, Training Strategies, Recruiting, Hiring, Selling and more.

Strategies for Competing in a Crowded Marketplace
Leverage your store in today's demanding marketplace in unique, creative ways you never event thought of...

Presenters Guide
The Presenter's Guide to Being Prepared...52 real life situations and solutions to help you win over any audience, anywhere.

E-Book 1 of 4 Jump Start Your Presentations
Do you want to be more organized, less nervous, and make a memorable connection with your listeners?  Then this book is for you.  The first in a series of four, Jump Start Your Presentations, will show you how to design and deliver your message with confidence, conviction, and passion.

E-Book 2 of 4 Captivating Presenter Are Not Born

In Book 1 you’ve learned how to jump-start your presentation and deliver a message with confidence, conviction, and passion.  You have a well-prepared speech and the greatest of intentions, but something happens and you don’t make the desired connection with your listeners.  In this e-book we will identify some of the unexpected challenges you may be suddenly faced with and provide a solution to minimize the situation or avoid it completely.

E-Book 3 of 4 Deliver A Memorable Presentation Now!
When was the last time you sat through a presentation that was totally boring?  When was the last time you delivered a presentation that was totally boring?  Book 3 is packed with great ideas on such key areas as how to present technical information to non-technical listeners, how not to let your timing kill your presentation, and how to deal with a difficult or hostile audience.

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