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Managers Manual
The manual contains over 550 pages of worksheets and specific plans for virtually every management area of critical interest and importance in the 2003 marketplace. Specifically designed by RRG to assist managers in developing and extending their leadership and management skills, to increase performance and productivity. Topics covered include:
  • Leadership:
  • Establish a dress code.
  • How to handle rumors.
  • How and when to grant salary increases.
  • Recruiting, Hiring & Firing:
  • How to interview properly.
  • 6 common hiring errors.
  • Terminating with dignity.
  • Management Problems:
  • Dealing with chronic tardiness.
  • Dealing with belligerent employees.
  • How to get people to work week-ends.
  • How to reduce personal telephone calls.
  • Sales Training:
  • 8 critical mistakes sales people make.
  • 10 power persuasion points to greater sales.
  • 29 closing techniques that work.
  • How to use role play to maximize sales.
  • Motivation:
  • 15 tips for better people motivation
  • How to use in-store contests to increase sales.
  • How to use recognition and reprimand to maximize sales.
  • Goal Achievement:
  • Strategic selling plan to increase sales 20% - 50%.
  • Goals keep sales people and yourself motivated.
  • Making sales targets every month.
  • Personal Growth:
  • Managing stress.
  • Are you a candidate for burnout?
  • Become a better public speaker.
  • Time management techniques for today's mangers.
  • Team Building:
  • Managing the generation gap.
  • 7 reasons people fall in 90 days.
  • Customer Service:
  • Earning and keeping customer respect.
  • Maintaining contact with customers.

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