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PresentationsEffective Presentations
Create an impact with your presentation style whether you speak to one or one thousand - whether you are creating a sale or an attitude. Learn how to make effective presentations a part of your sales strategy. Six Strategic Systems Learning Audio Tapes cover the following presentation topics:
  • Communicating Success - Non-Verbal Techniques:
    • Benefits & pitfalls of hand gestures.
    • How to take charge of your presentation.
    • Sincerity through effective eye contact.
  • Demonstrating Confidence:
    • Putting defeat to work for you.
    • 4 "don'ts" to maintain control of yourself & your presentation.
    • 7 dynamic ways to maximize your nervous energy.
  • Motivating Listeners to Understand and Take Action:
    • How to highlight the WIIFM (What's in it for me)
    • How to effectively use stories, examples & anecdotes to make your point.
    • Motivating listeners throughout your ENTIRE presentation.
  • Creating Impact with Visual Aides:
    • 5 keys to designing visual aides with impact.
    • Types of visual aides available to today's presenter.
    • How to create a dynamite speech with visual aides.
  • Designing Action Oriented Presentations:
    • Opening your presentation with a bang!
    • The best way to assemble notes that will work for you.
    • Develop endings that get ACTION form your listeners.
  • Handling Questions Like a Pro:
    • 8 steps to handling questions effectively.
    • Defusing "loaded questions."
    • Planning ahead for tough questions.
  • Preventing Problems Before They Occur:
    • 15 problems & How to anticipate & handle them.
    • Hecklers - how to deal with them.
    • Audio - becoming part of the problem.
  • Sharpening Your Professional Edge:
    • How to deliver a manuscript.
    • 5 ways to look good at a lectern or podium.
    • Last minute checks to ensure success.

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