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Effective Management
6 Audio Cassette Tape Learning Series
Improve your management skills and become a more effective manager, leader and business innovator. Learn how to create a stronger team to generate greater profits, find the real strength of incentive programs, understand the difference between a manager's responsibility and an employee's responsibility, and establish strategies to avoid employee turn-over turmoil. Strategic Systems Learning Audio Tapes cover the following critical manager employee areas:
  • Strategies for Effective Employee Motivation:
    • Motivating the average worker.
    • Getting the most from your people.
  • What To Do When Your Best Employee Quits:
    • Dangers of counter-offers and promises.
    • 9 step process to finding and developing a replacement.
  • Effective Delegation:
    • Getting more done by working less.
    • 9 reasons why managers don't delegate.
    • Delegation as a form of positive recognition.
  • Why People Fail in 90 Days:
    • Your responsibility vs. the employee responsibility.
    • 5 criteria for establishing measurable objectives.
  • Recruiting and Hiring Good People:
    • Critical elements in extending and offer.
    • 7 common hiring mistakes managers make.
  • Make Your Incentive Program Work For You:
    • 7 elements of an effective incentive program.
    • 9 ways to make your contest win profits for you.
  • 8 Step Method Job Termination:
    • Critical pre-termination planning steps.
    • Humanizing the termination review.
  • Motivating Through Praise & Recognition:
    • 6 steps for giving positive recognition.
    • Why many managers praise ineffectively.
    • 2 pitfalls to good recognition.
  • Managing Employee conflict in the Workplace:
    • 4 reasons why managers overlook conflict.
    • Understanding emotional stages.

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