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Book 1 of 4

Do you want to be more organized, less nervous, and make a memorable connection with your listeners?  Then this book is for you.  The first in a series of four, Jump-Start Your Presentations, will show you how to design and deliver your message with confidence, conviction, and passion.

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10 P’s of Powerful Presentations

Powerful presentation considerations such as Planning, Preparing, and Persuasion are mandatory when you have a career “make or break” message to deliver.  Incorporate the 10 P’s and vault yourself into the winner’s circle.

Test Your Presentation Skills

Everybody loves a test – especially when you’re only grading yourself!  Here’s a little quiz you can take to determine your skill as a presenter.  Its fun and it will provide you some great insight into your presentation approach and where you might need to focus your improvement attention.

Designing Your Presentation Backwards Makes Sense

The way we have always designed our presentations seems quite logical . . . we’ve always done it the same way.  When preparing a presentation we first write the introduction, outline three key points, and conclude with the ending.  Well, here’s a strategy that will not only change the way you organize and prepare your presentation but will provide you with a remarkable can’t miss formula for success.

Managing Nervousness

Butterflies in your stomach, cold sweaty palms, dry mouth, weak knees . . . have you ever experienced any of these symptoms prior to getting up and giving a presentation?  Of course you have.  We all have.  And some of them we may never be able to get rid of, but you can manage them effectively.  Here are several creative steps you can take to control nervousness each and every time you get up to speak.

Connecting With Your Audience

You may think connecting with the people you’re speaking to is the easiest part of your presentation, but if you don’t take specific steps to connect with your audience then they will never connect with you. You can forget ever deriving any meaningful results from your message.  Here are some very simple but powerful techniques you must use if you are to win them over.

Non-Verbal Communication

“What do I do with these hands?”  I’m asked this question more than any other during my presentation skills workshops.  It’s not necessarily what you do with your hands but the way you use them to make your presentation more meaningful and memorable.

Endings That Achieve an Objective

When your presentation is over, how do you want people to be different?  What do you want them to do?  Everything you’ve said during your presentation hinges on a powerful ending that provides some sort of call to action for your audience.  Read this chapter to learn how to end with a subtle punch. And get the results you want. 

Perception is the Key

It’s not who you are or how well you do what you do that’s important.   It is the perception; it is the belief that your listeners hold in their minds that will cause them to be influenced by what you say.  Failure to understand and address their perception can derail even the best of presentations.

If you want to be a better presenter, a better speaker, this is where you start.  Now you can make a difference, get the results you want, while delivering a message you can be proud of.

This book is only available in E-Book Format.

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