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Selling in a Competitive Market or Soft Economy







Selling in a Soft Economy

Vertical Sales or Top-Up Sales? Targeted for today's challenging economy this cassette will help you develop a better understanding of the action steps involved in creating and maintaining a strong customer base. Learn how to implement specific plans for increasing sales; strengthening customer relations; and develop strategies and key plans for success.
Topics include:
  • Strategic Account Positioning:
    • Evaluate your customers position in your marketplace.
    • Develop a strategic sales plan in a challenging environment.
  • Strategic Prospecting:
    • Strategies for identifying qualified prospects.
    • Differentiate yourself from your competition.
  • Developing Rapport With Resistant Prospects:
    • 8 hidden messages we send to our customers.
    • Enhance your professional image and that of your company.
  • Strategic Questions to Develop New Business:
    • 7 benefits of asking questions.
    • 9 specific questions which get your prospects talking.
  • Executing A Winning Presentation:
    • Identify and use visuals that get results.
    • Critical factors for presenting value.
  • Creative Value Through Validation:
    • Develop and maintain creditability.
    • Create belief in your product.
  • Sales Manager's "Selling Responsibility":
    • 8 strategies to maximize your business with major clients.
    • 5 ways to develop a recognized professional image in your industry.
  • Strategic Business Reviews:
    • Establish a strategic uniqueness with your clients.
    • Maximize interface with key decision makers.
  • Success - What It IS and How To Get It:
    • Identify characteristics of successful people.
    • Develop your success plan for a challenging environment.

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