Captivating Presenters are Not Born:

They Grow Through Personally Motivated Self-Development
Book 2 of 4
In Book 1 you’ve learned how to jump-start your presentation and deliver a message with confidence, conviction, and passion.  You have a well-prepared speech and the greatest of intentions, but something happens and you don’t make the desired connection with your listeners.  In this e-book we will identify some of the unexpected challenges you may be suddenly be faced with and provide a solution to minimize the situation or avoid it completely. 

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Are You Persuasive or Merely an Information Machine?

It’s not what you say but, rather, the words that you use and the energy and enthusiasm with which you deliver it.  In this chapter you will learn 15 phrases commonly used to enhance the firm’s image during the presentation. 

n     15 persuasive phrases which will inform your clients about the services available to them.

n     15 words or phrases that denote individual expertise.

n     10 words or phrases that denote thoroughness and 17 useless phrases that commonly appear throughout our presentation.

Use these words and phrases and you will hit a home run with every presentation. 

Adding Impact to Information

You will see how people learn new ideas and concepts by comparing them to something they already know.  You will discover ways to use examples, details, stories, cases, metaphors, personal experiences and testimonials which will make your audience to hang on to every word. 

5 Ways to Kill a Good Presentation with Visual Aids

Your presentation went extremely well, you were right on target, and there is no question that you will achieve your desired objective.  Fast forward now . . . it’s two weeks later.  With excitement you retrieve the e-mail only to find out that your proposal was denied. 

The visual aids have the power to significantly enhance your presentation or subtly destroy it.  An effective presenter is one who understands the listeners and has designed visuals that will meet their needs.  Furthermore, they become completely familiar with these visuals, practice using the aids, and are comfortable in handling them during the presentation. 

In this chapter you will learn how to use visual aids exceptionally well. 

The Eyes Have It

If you do nothing else during your presentation, give people good eye contact.  In this chapter you will learn that eye contact has a critical impact on the success of any presentation.  You can be the dullest, most boring speaker in the world, but if you give good eye contact, you have a fighting chance.  People don’t really care to hear what you know until they know that you really care about them . . . good eye contact is a great place to start. 

10 Gestures That Turn People Off

During my customized seminars and workshops participants continually ask, “What do I do with my hands?”  Gestures should be natural and indicative of your enthusiasm about your message. 

In this chapter you will learn 10 gestures that turn people off, gestures that cause people to tune you out, and gestures which may cause people to get up and leave the room.  We are all guilty of doing them.  Discover now what they are and steps you can use to eliminate them. 

Is Your Focus Out of Focus?

Before beginning your presentation, ask these questions: 

n     How do I want people to be different when it is over?

n      What do I want them to learn?

n     What are their real needs, wants, and gut level passions?

What is the focus of your message?  An architect or commercial builder will say, “to get the bid or to design and build the building.”  A promising start-up company seeking venture capital will usually say, “to get funded” or “to keep from going under.”  Even a retail jeweler selling a diamond ring is focusing upon closing the sale as opposed to helping the buyer focus upon how he plans to pop the question. 

In this chapter you will learn that people do not listen when you talk about what you do but, rather, when you talk about how it will benefit them. 

Finding the Real Power in Your Voice

We go to the gym and exercise to strengthen our bodies and, as a result, we feel very good.  What about your voice?  What do you do to strengthen and maintain your voice? 

The most critical element in the delivery of a strong message is your voice.  In this chapter you will learn several powerful exercises you can use to strengthen and add power to your voice. 

20 Ways to Recover if You Start to Lose Your Audience

You are delivering a presentation to a group of people seated around a conference room table.  You’ve prepared for this presentation thoroughly; but it’s a bit long and you feel confident that you can take your listeners through it step by step.  You suddenly begin to notice people casually whispering among themselves.  It starts to become a little unnerving and you feel that you are beginning to lose it . . . and you are. 

In this chapter you will discover 20 very powerful techniques for regaining control of a presentation that appears to be going south.

Delivering a Manuscript Speech

In your career fewer than 10% of your presentations will be delivered using a script.  In these instances, you will write and/or deliver a prepared speech.  These speeches will usually be presented to large audiences where you are supported by multi-media technology.  Executives who expect to see their comments in the Wall Street Journal will certainly elect to use a manuscript speech.

This chapter will show you 10 techniques you must use in order to deliver, and not read, a manuscript speech. 

It’s not the big things that jump up and grab us before or during our presentation.  No, good preparation always addresses the “big things” needed for a successful presentation.  Rather, it is the small things, the unanticipated problems that jump up at the last moment, can trip you up and potentially destroy your presentation.

This e-book will share secrets, strategies, and techniques you can use immediately to make your next presentation an overwhelming success.

This book is only available in E-Book Format.

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