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One final challenge . . . getting out of the Lukla airport back to Kathmandu. Unpredictable weather has a very negative impact on flights into the area. Oddly enough, if the plane on which you are to depart doesn't arrive that day for whatever reason, you go to the back of the line. The following day, those with tickets for that day board the flights and you end up scrambling for whatever you can get.

We have heard many horror stories about numerous groups who had been trapped in Lukla for several days and, in rare conditions, up to two weeks. Naturally we are apprehensive.

We are scheduled to be on the first flight out of Lukla. While that is somewhat comforting, we are disturbed by the fact that by 10 a.m. planes were still grounded in Kathmandu because of fog in the valley.

The fog finally lifts, our planes arrive, and we are on our way back to Kathmandu with memories of an adventure that will last a lifetime.