Trip Highlights

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Trekking Team

The group is comprised of four men and four women, seven of whom are Americans and one from the U.K.

Bergita, a lovely, gracious 63 year-old lady from Boston who virtually outpaced all of us. 

Maureen, also from Boston, she pronounced early on that she would be the "slowest" in the group . . . I proved her wrong.

Val, a very interesting person, world class trekker from the U.K. who was organized, efficient, and left all of us behind in the dust.

Jeannie & Bert from South Carolina. They celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary on the trek. What most of all impressed me was how, under occasional challenging conditions and very close living spaces, they set an example that most married couples would find very difficult to meet.

Tom. I met Tom while preparing for a keynote speech at the Seiko Watch Company's national sales meeting.  I mentioned the trip to him and he said, "Sign me up," and we had a great two weeks trekking together in the Himalayas.

Joe. A quiet, reserved CPA and speaker from Florida, who seemed to be the target of every street vendor in Kathmandu. He caught a nasty cold or flu which would have knocked 80% of all people down and out. Joe demonstrated real courage and conviction by finishing this trip. And his bright red nose was one that even Rudolph would admire.

Mike. The 30-year-old professional guide who led this very diverse group of people. His in-depth knowledge of the area, his command of the Nepali language, and his overall leadership ability exposed us to many experiences we might not otherwise have enjoyed.

Jennie. Mike's wife of four months. On her first trip into the Khumbu region, like Mike, was able to walk up and down the trails with the greatest of ease. Ahhh, to be young again, and in great shape to boot.

Besides the guide, the expedition was supported by 4 sherpas, 6 porters, a cook and two cookboys, and an occasional yak or two. They handled all of our gear, meals, and camp setup. We carried only a day pack, camera, jacket, etc.

My extensive research of this trip led me to Camp 5, an expedition company headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah (800-914-3834). What impressed me the most was that the group size was limited to eight people, each person got their own tent, and that in a filthy third-world country, hygiene was the #1 priority. Further, their guides are true professionals who know the regions and the value of proper acclimatization at high altitudes. That proved to be very important.